Muppet of the Week: Superstar musician OLAMIDE goes berserk on stage during HEADIES 2015 simply because of an award not given to his protégé

Superstar and multiple award-winning musician Olamide Adedeji popularly known as ‘Olamide’ or ‘Badoo’ deservedly gets this one for his irrational and disgraceful behaviour during the recently-held HEADIES 2015 award night.

As the event went on, while awards were being doled out, Reekado Banks, belonging to the Mavins record label owned by Don Jazzy and also a protégé of his, was declared winner of the Next-Rated artiste in Nigeria award.


Consequently, the ‘Katapot’ singer was to go home with a brand new Hyundai car (latest model). Reekado actually did beat the likes of Kiss Daniel, Korede Bello, Lil Kesh and Cynthia Morgan to the award.

Moments later, Olamide stormed the stage full of anger to protest his own protégé, Lil Kesh, not getting the award deservedly (according to him), in fact he blasted the organizers. When he grabbed the microphone and said:

Lil Kesh is our own Next-Rated artist. Fuck that shit! The streets ti take over. Every fucking single was a hit back to back. From ‘Lyrically’, to ‘Shoki’ to ‘Efejoku’…Ko ni da fun iya anybody (meaning it shall not be well with anybody’s mother).

Immediately after his rants, he dropped the microphone on the stage floor and walked off with his bodyguards. Then came Don Jazzy onto stage to say:
Egbon Olamide, if you want the car, come and take it.

On hearing that, Olamide became violent, destroying equipment in the HEADIES green room, smashing glasses as well. Later on, he took the war to Twitter, giving Don Jazzy harsh words.


Granted, Olamide has since apologized for his irresponsible, silly actions including swearing on live television in an event viewed globally, and, promised to conduct himself in a respectable manner in future.

However, this further puts a question mark on his personality when you consider his background and so on. Critics and observers label him a ‘fortunate social miscreant’ and the bitter truth is that you see and sense the miscreant or ‘razz’ (as they say in local parlance) part of him in the lyrics of his songs, his aura, voice and even general attitude. This latest act is only a corroboration.

Olamide should have protested through a proper channel rather than in such manner. As I once said in a past post of mine, my late father (of blessed memory) does say: ‘You might have a very good case in any situation but your manner of presentation matters and could knock you off or cost you ’. That is seemingly the case here.

Mr Olamide should take lessons on decorum and manner of approach.

A big, big thumbs down Sir !!! >:-((


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