FG ‘hands off’ kerosene subsidy, now to sell at N83 from N50

The Federal Government of Nigeria has officially ended the payment of subsidy on kerosene, consequently, instead of the regulated pump price of N50 per litre, the product will now sell for N83.

This is according to the latest pricing template for House Hold Kerosene released by the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA).

The PPPRA is the agency of the Federal Government that fixes and regulates the prices of white products, kerosene and petrol, across the country.

In its latest template released on Saturday, the agency stated that the retail price of kerosene or HHK by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) was N83 per litre.

The commodity is believed to be mostly consumed by low income earners in the country.

The new template showed that the retail or pump price of HHK was now N10.72 higher than the Expected Open Market Price of the commodity. The EOMP, according to the new template, is N72.28.

The EOMP is a summation of the landing cost of the commodity with the subtotal margins like bridging fund, transporters’ cost, dealers charge, admin charge, etc.


4 thoughts on “FG ‘hands off’ kerosene subsidy, now to sell at N83 from N50

  1. Since govt put it at N50 and we were buying it far more expensively than that then u can expect it 2 go as high as 150/litre unless govt seriously enforces this N83 sha


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