Muppet of the Week: Billionaire businessman and club owner IFEANYI UBAH walks down the pitch and beats up an opposition goalkeeper in a NPFL match

Billionaire businessman, entrepreneur-extraordinaire and club proprietor of Ifeanyi Ubah FC, Dr Ifeanyi Ubah, unarguably gets this one for his embarrassing role in the fracas that erupted after a Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) match between his club Ifeanyi Ubah FC and Heartland FC of Owerri.

During the match that was characterized by clashes between players and officials, Heartland goalkeeper Ebele Obi, who happens to be the elder brother of Super Eagles captain and Chelsea midfielder Mikel Obi, allegedly punched the match referee at a point.

It was a day that the NPFL was brought to disrepute as fans went haywire beating players and officials of Heartland, turning the technical area upside down after the match. Was like a war zone.

Meanwhile, Capitol Oil boss Ifeanyi Ubah walked up to Ebele Obi after the game and slapped him and then had his aides and bodyguards pounce on Ebele and the rest of his team-mates. This worsened the entire situation on the day.

Everyone involved have since been sanctioned by the League Management Committee (LMC) with a chance to appeal. However, the punishment dished out to Chief Ubah hasn’t gone down well with Nigerians who say it is a very ‘light’ one giving the fact that he is a ‘big man’ in national affairs. Actually, Ubah got a 10-match ban from all NPFL venues and a N2.5m fine; he is also to tender a letter of apology as well as an undertaking to be a good ambassador of the NPFL henceforth.



On the other hand, Ebele got a six-match ban including involvement in all NPFL-related activities.

It’s indeed shameful that this scenario remains a constant K in the NPFL despite the efforts and hard work by the LMC to develop the league as well as its obvious achievements so far. How on earth will a club owner/president of Ubah’s status walk down – from the VIP stand supposedly – to the pitch like a hooligan alongside his thugs and beat up players and officials of the opposing team?!? For what! What right has he?!?

Would a Florentino Perez of Real Madrid come down from the VIP section at Bernabau and go on the pitch to slap Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta and so on and have them beat up? Can a Stan Kroenke of Arsenal FC do stuff like that? Can a Roman Abrahamovic of Chelsea FC leave that his ‘special spot‘ where we do see him sit during Chelsea matches, and go on to bully an opposing player once the final whistle is blown? As a matter of fact, men with huge status as such are hardly seen except during matches of their beloved teams which passion forces them out to come watch.

It’s further annoying to know that Ifeanyi Ubah has the habit of slapping, beating up his own club players and officials consistently.

This is indeed a bitter pill to swallow and leaves so much to be desired on the part of the LMC in terms of crowd-control, discipline, organization and so on. Then the club administrators.

Shame on Dr Chief Ifeanyi Ubah who ought to be leading by example!!! Tufiaaaakwa!

Thumbs down Sir >:-((


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