Muppet of the Week

Loquacious Governor of Ekiti State Ayo Fayose, for the second time, gets this one for being a cog in the wheel of progress being pursued by the Pres. Buhari-led FG delegation to China on a week-long official visit.

Gov. Fayose, as most of us know, has been a pain in the arse of PMB even before he (PMB) assumed office on May 29th, 2015. In fact, the first time Fayose got this award was when he placed a ‘will-soon-die’ advert/campaign against PMB in The PUNCH newspaper prior to the 2015 presidential election, something his own party (PDP) scolded him for and disowned as well.

Therein, he reminded the world of past Heads of State/Presidents in Nigeria who have died in office and all, incidentally, originating from the same region as PMB.

Now, we are all aware that PMB just returned from China where several high-level talks and meetings took place between his team and that of the Chinese government led by Pres. Xi Jinping. A couple of bilateral agreements were signed. Along the line, billions of dollars [2 or 6…Not sure because conflicting figures have since been thrown up by the media] was offered to Nigeria to aid her development.

Gov. Fayose, in his characteristic irrational manner, opposed the loan via a letter dated April 12th, 2016, to Pres. Xi Jinping urging him to withdraw the loan. Fayose claimed that Nigerians were totally opposed to increment of the country’s debt burden which is already being serviced with25% of the annual budget.

He sent the letter through his emissary to the Chinese embassy in Abuja and reportedly boarded a flight to Shanghai, China to give another copy to Pres. Xi Jinping in person.

How thoughtful! How convenient! Already, the All Progressives Congress (APC), Ekiti State chapter have urged the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) to conduct a PSYCHIATRIC TEST on Gov. Fayose for PSYCHOSIS because according to them (APC), “No other science can explain why he is conducting himself in a manner that suggests he has lost his sanity.” Lol!

I think there is lil’ or nothing more to add to what the APC’s position is. They are indeed correct if you ask me. Had it not been for the immunity Fayose enjoys as governor, he ought to be arraigned in court for national sabotage, treason and whatnot which he can be said to be liable for, based on what he has done. What an embarrassment to the government and Nigerians! What a disgrace! Mr Governor, leave PMB alone, give him some breathing space as this unnecessary hate is too much. I would rather you take a chill pill. By the way, four months salary and arrears are still being owed workers in your state despite the bail-out this same PMB, you constantly antagonize, gave you alongside other governors when you all cried to him for help out of desperation, they are visibly angry.



Thumbs down your Excellency!!!!! >:-((


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