Glory be to God, I’m two-years-old in the art ;-)

Hey friends, fans, followers and readers, it’s two years since I got into this (blogging). Actually kicked off on April 28th, 2014. Been quite a long journey if you ask me o 😀

Glory and honour be to God Almighty who gave me the inspiration, wisdom, strength, perseverance and intellect to carry on and still does. Not been easy though. Many others might have fallen by the way side or, better still, quit in the face of challenges and unfavourable factors but the GREATEST OF THE GREATEST spurs me on and will continue to do so. He’s being ma strength.

Thanks for your follower-ship and encouragement including comments on ma posts all this while.

Most importantly and after God, I owe Emmanuel Nwose (my dear friend as well as mentor in blogging) and Donald Igbeta (my dear friend, blog engineer/designer) a big, big thank you for their moral, financial and technical support all this while.Without them, The Chima Amechi Blog (CAB) would not be what it is turning out to be today, to be honest. They are indeed my brothers from another mother and it might interest you to know that  we all started out together at Obafemi Awolowo University, (OAU) Ife 🙂 before Donald left for the UK where he bagged a first-class degree honour (Information Technology n Communication) in the university there.

Lastly, I wanna say a happy birthday, long life and prosperity to ma immediate elder bro, Quincy Amechi, right there in the UK. He added a year to his age today 😀


11 thoughts on “Glory be to God, I’m two-years-old in the art ;-)

  1. Well done jare. U better pass Linda, Bella and the rest. i dey read all of una. U 2uuuuu make sense. Maybe na opportunity u no just get like them. God go see u thru


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