Muppet of the Week: Celebrity couple TIWA SAVAGE and TEE BILLZ ‘dance naked at the market square’ by trading messy, damning accusations and allegations publicly

Celebrity ‘couple’ (at least until the last couple of days) Tunji Balogun popularly known as ‘Tee Billz’ and Tiwatope Savage popularly known as ‘Tiwa Savage’ earn this one for their unprecedented public spat that is now talk of the town across Nigeria and beyond.

Some time ago, rumours – which turned out to be true – had it that Tiwa sacked her husband/manager Tee Billz who mentored and polished her talent at some point before getting married to her. Then there were claims, counter-claims and denial. It appears that was seemingly the genesis or prelude to this brouhaha.

However, just a few days ago, Teebillz, typical of many celebrities, stormed Instagram blasting Tiwa and accusing her and her mum of various offences. Tee Billz did the following:

– Says Tiwa has been having sex with her male counterparts in the industry one after the other and names mentioned were Tuface Idibia, Don Jazzy and Dr Sid.

– Says Tiwa’s never been supportive of his career and he put up a throwback pix of her describing how he made her to be ‘somebody’ when she was ‘100% insecure

– Says Tiwa never cooked for him in the three years of their marriage that produced a son named Jamal rather she’s been concerned about music and making money instead of focusing on their home. This forced him into eating from a neighbour and celebrity friends.

– Says Tiwa’s mum is a witch responsible for his misfortunes. That she actually planted a diabolical material in his house aimed at taking his ‘star’ by spiritual means which has also had an effect on his progress in life and transfering it to her daughter. He challenged Tiwa to confront her mum and get a confession.

– Says he will never let Tiwa’s mum reduce him to the level she reduced her hubby (Tiwa’s father).

Tee Billz outburst culminated in him attempting suicide i.e he tried jumping off the Lekki-Ikoyo toll bridge and into the lagoon before he was stopped by one of the P-Square and other friends.

Tiwa, embarrassed by these series of expose’, addressed the issue in a videoed interview with a This Day newspaper reporter. In tears she said:
– Tee Billz is a cocaine addict as she bumped into him taking some of it one day at their 1004, V/Island, Lagos home. She screamed and asked him if it was indeed cocaine and he yelled at her.Afterwards, she called his parents and complained that she can tolerate ‘weed’ but not cocaine.

– Tee Billz is an alcoholic, comes home late.

– Tee Billz steals from her and shortchanges her, reason she sacked him last year.

– Tee Billz is unfaithful to her, has sexual relationships with other women up and down around town.

– Tee Billz doesn’t cut his coat according to his size rather he leads a very expensive lifestyle despite his lack of income, and, in the process incurs huge debts often leading to family embarrassment and she quietly pays them.

– Tee Billz is jealous of her success and finally:

– Tee Billz is on the cusp of being arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) because of a N45m debt he owes someone or lost. She has been running back and forth in search of who would assist her with such huge sum of money.

Well, we have seen lots of celebrity marriages crash with both parties taking a walk quietly and not giving away so much as Tiwa and Tee Billz are doing. They have acted like they were forced to marry each other at gunpoint. Really they have let their copious fans down.

The likes of Oge Okoye/Stanley Duru, Ini Edo/Phillips Ehiagwina, Stephanie Okereke/Chikelue Iloanusi, Uche Jumbo/Ike Uche etc, never towed this sad, ugly path. It’s just too bad and disgraceful. They should realize its long-term adverse effect on Jamal their son when he is amidst his peers as he grows up and then when he faces the large society too.

Both should have quietly called it quit and then release a brief press statement informing their numerous fans about the separation due to ‘irreconciliable differences’, as their counterparts in the West normally and rightfully do.

Washing their dirty linens in the public knowing the kinda society we live in and the people who constitute it is wrong.

Shame on them both especially Tee Billz who forgot he is the man here !!! >:-((


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