Visual of the Week: Wealthy Cameroonian woman suddenly and mysteriously turns mad, strips naked and dances in public



Here, the gist is that the woman in the pix, in a twinkle of an eye, ran mad and stripped completely before dancing on the road to the delight and surprise of members of the public.

Actually, a Cameroonian site, says the woman rushed out of her expensive, flashy car and started undressing before dancing stark naked while a large crowd of people watched.

It’s generally believed she acquired her wealth through diabolical means and probably failed to keep to the terms of the agreement she had with those responsible for her opulence, and was consequently made to go mad.

Eventually, she was led to a church called the Parish of Saint Charles Louanga Bépanda for deliverance.

Recall exactly the same stuff happened to a young man in Lagos Island several months ago. CAB did publish the story back then.


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