Muppet of the Week: US rap star 50CENTS caresses a female statue’s private parts and ‘broadcasts’ photos to the world




US rap star 50cents unequivocally gets this award for the week for his senseless, irresponsible and highly immoral deed of a couple of days ago.

Mr 50cents had during a show in Dallas, USA, walked up to a female statue and began caressing its breasts, waist, hips and vagina right there. Not done with that, he went ahead to broadcast the pixes.

How dumb! Musicians, particularly, rappers – both male and female – from America are known to be wild, highly immoral and corrupt (not financially like politicians), lack fear of God seriously, do stupid things at times and even go to the extreme.

This is unbecoming to be honest! Bad enough he did that to a statue, worse is his decision to share it for everyone to see via social media. What is he trying to achieve with that? What message is 50cents passing across particularly to the young ones out there? Doesn’t he know that he has got millions of kids, teenagers and adolescents as fans and which he happens to inspire as their role model, idol, mentor, etc? Don’t be surprised to see kids start romancing, smooching and doing all sorts to statues henceforth. To some people, this appears a no-big-deal and it’s okay on the surface but the right-thinking ones would look at it with deep thought and critically and feel CAB’s pulse.

FYI people, CAB sees this as disrespectful, offensive, an affront on womanhood in totality.

Mr 50cents, na only these ones? You shuda brought out your ‘BROther COSmas’ in the full glare of the world and insert it into the statue’s vagina so we all know officially that you’ve gone absolutely mad.

A big THUMBS DOWN to you Sir!

Rubbish!! >:-((


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