CAB Quiz [Season 2]…Win N200 call card of your choice network ;-)

Once upon a time, there was this quiz competition introduced by CAB in fact not too long ago and in its maiden edition, a question was thrown up. The question was this: Quiz! Quiz!! Quiz!!! and the answer was this: Answer to quiz…


Now, here comes the sophomore edition of an intellectual test that has come to stay by the grace of God i.e it will be regular.


This week’s question goes thus:


There is a strange, striking coincidence between two of the world’s top footballers of almost a decade in the persons of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, on one hand, and their sons Santiago Ronaldo and Thiago Messi respectively, on the other hand. What exactly is it?


Winning prize as usual is N200 recharge card of your choice network. As you put down your answers in the comment box below, place your phone number at the end of it. The first person to come up with the right answer gets the prize almost instantly.


Afterwards, if you wish to have your pix and name published here as the winner of a particular season or edition, you may signify interest.


Please note that it elapses 72 hours (3 days) from the moment it is published.


Goodluck to every interested participant 😉


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