A tribute to the deceased mother of a Stamford Bridge ‘darling’…

Dear Ma’am Dona Zeze,
It’s quite easy to tell how much you meant to Willian, one of our most illustrious sons at Stamford Bridge, London, England, home of Chelsea FC, going by his unusually below par performances for us so far this season.

Not a few of us (Chelsea faithfuls and beyond) wondered what could have been amiss until we got to know about your battle with cancer, your deteriorating state of health, which culminated in your death, sadly.

No doubt, for this reason, Willian has been a shadow of himself all along. Despite surgery and chemotherapy treatments which all failed to send the disease into remission in your two-and-a-half year struggle with it, you had to go.

It hurts real bad to lose a mom big time…That I know because I’m in the same shoe as your precious son is right now. Mothers are saints, angels, precious gifts just as we children are jewels to them too. I’ll always say this and would maintain: Mothers are better than fathers; they are my preferred…they are unique in several ways.

Mama Willian, we are sad you left us, let alone at just 57 but the good side to it all is that you have left behind the wickedness of this sinful world, sufferings, agony and misery you have been facing especially in the last couple of months leading up to your death.

In Willian, you have indeed given a lovely gift to Brazil, to football and to the world. You have left a mark, a legacy to be proud of.

Sleep on Mama Willian…Do rest in peace with the Lord :’-((

And to Willian, we are with you and the rest of your family in this your moment of grief. You are in our thoughts and thankfully, we won comprehensively for you all yesterday, a 3-0 defeat of reigning English Premier League (EPL) champions, Leicester City…You are indeed a true son of your beloved mom. Take heart brother.

Hoping to see you return pretty soon to do what you know how to do best 😉


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