Muppet of the Week

It seems that while one compatriot of ours was doing us proud in the diaspora, another one was courting shame and embarrassment for us also in the same diaspora, all within a space of one week or even 10 days.



Kogi State-born APC Senator Dino Melaye for the second or third time has this one for his inappropriate dressing at an official event abroad, precisely in Geneva, Switzerland.

The very recent event was the Inter Parliamentary Union meeting and Nigerian delegation comprised Senate President Bukola Saraki, former aviation minister Stella Oduah and co…He was to address Nigerian professionals over there according to gist.

Right there, Melaye was clad in an ‘extremely casual’ outfit with a pair of slippers on and perambulating the venue (as you can see above).

The shameful pixes that emanated thereafter fetched him loads of abuses and harsh words – on social media – from citizens home and abroad. Several of them labeling it a ‘national disgrace’.

Melaye’s action further undermines his already blemished reputation and brings to question the huge, needless ‘wardrobe allowance’ himself and his colleagues in the National Assembly receive regularly from the nation’s lean treasury which constantly gets citizens so irritated.

Remember this same Melaye had an clash with fellow senator, Mrs Oluremi Tinubu, wife to his party, All Progressives Congress (APC) chairman Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu. At the time, he threatened to beat her up and ‘impregnate’ her and boasted that nothing will happen afterwards. The altercation extended to the husband with Melaye daring Chief BAT by perambulating the streets of Bourdillon, Ikoyi where the APC chieftain resides, asking that he does his worst and went ahead to put it on social media.

Again, in this period of recession in Nigeria, oga Melaye, less than three weeks ago, did purchase a Rolls Royce from abroad reportedly worth N180m and showed it off on social media.

One wonders if his spouse, friends, associates, aides and advisers were on hand to advise him as regards his dress code before the very important event in Geneva.

This man never gets tired of controversies by action, remarks, deeds, etc…


Thumbs down Senator Melaye joor!!!! >:-((


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