Muppet of the Week


Governor Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo State, Nigeria, and Tottenham Hotspur’s goalie Hugo Lloris deservedly get this one for their undue and unnecessary shenanigans in recent days.


Gov. Ajimobi did launch tirades at students of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) saying the prolonged closure of their school ‘was no big deal‘.


Protesting students marched to the Governor’s office last Monday over the eight-month closure of the institution only for the furious governor to dare them to ‘do their worst‘ in addition to the ‘no big deal’ talk and that he could not be blamed for the school’s shutdown.

He said to the students:


You are here to protest, am I the one who locked your school?


Your school being locked for eight months is no big deal. Is your school the first to be locked, if this is how you will come to talk to me, go and do your worst, I dare you.

Gov. Ajimobi continued as the students grew restless: “Every government lacks funds; even we lack fund; if you want to be troublesome, go ahead, I am ready for you. You are coming here to say that it will be tough this time, tough with me, if someone of my calibre has come here to address you, you should have respect for constituted authority, your school locked for eight months what, did I lock your school?


Also, at a point, the governor asked the policemen present there to bring one of the protesters who responded to some of his statements.


He said: “Bring that boy for me.

However, students resisted the attempt to arrest their colleague. The governor later ordered that he be left alone.


The university was closed in June 2016 due to the inability of the Oyo and Osun governments to fulfil there financial obligations to it.


In Lloris’ case, he was solely responsible for Man City’s two goals scored at the Etihad Stadium in Saturday’s crucial match which ended 2-2. If he hadn’t been silly, who knows, his team would have left with all three points considering the fact that they worked so hard for their goals scored via open play.


Oga Lloris, it’s embarrassing having you commit such schoolboy errors on the day. Even your coach’s disappointment was clearly seen on his face on both occasions when the camera focused on him after your unpardonable howlers; least expected from a world class goalkeeper of your calibre. France’s undisputed number one for that matter o!!! What a poor, horrible performance which cost your team precious points…You deserve to be benched for the next couple of matches.


Back to Gov. Ajimobi…He should be reminded that these students have a right to be disgruntled when their future is being toyed with like this. Eight months ain’t no eight days nor eight weeks sef! It’s indeed too much a long time to miss out on education…Daring them to do their worst and also saying it’s no big deal that their univ. has been shut for eight months is the dumbest and most irresponsible, insensitive comment we have heard from a serving governor/politician in recent times honestly!!!


This is one too many examples exposing the class of politicians Nigeria has got over time.



Where is the ‘servant-leader’ traits or ethos he is meant to show and which they falsely sold to the masses during electioneering in 2015? Where is that ‘father figure’ Gov. Ajimobi is meant to display? You can bet that his kids are not students of LAUTECH and even any Nigerian university reason he had the mind to talk such trash to a multitude of worried, frustrated students whose protests are justified. Eight months is indeed a long time.


Gov. Ajimobi you are fantastically a huge DISAPPOINTMENT on the strength of this.


THUMBS DOWN Mr Lloris; SHAME ON YOU oga Gov. Ajimobi !!! >:-((


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