Muppet of the Week

Man City manager Pep Guardiola has this one resting on his neck for the seemingly ‘embarrassing and denigrating’ comment he made about the club side, his employers a couple of days ago.


According to Pep, he would have already been sacked for his side’s performances this season if he was at a “big club”.


Recall the former Barcelona and Bayern Munich manager joined City in the summer where he led them to five straight league wins in his first five games in charge.


However, since then, their form turned inconsistent throughout the season. Following a 2-1 defeat to Arsenal in the FA Cup semi-final, Pep was confirmed to have suffered the first trophy-less season of his managerial career.


At the time he made this comment, Champions League qualification was still not secured.


His words:

In my situation, at a big club, I’m sacked,” he said. “I’m out. Sure. Definitely.

At Barcelona or Bayern Munich, if in six months you don’t win [anything], you are really out. They don’t give you a second chance.


He then added:

If what happens next season is not going well, I’ll have one more year of contract and, if it’s not going well, they are going to change manager,” he added. “When everything happens and it’s not good, you can change the manager. It’s not so complicated.

I arrived at this club and I tried to do my best. Some managers will have that pressure so I have to handle that. If not, I go home. I came here to try to win [trophies] this year, [but] it was not possible.

I will try with the club, with the players, with the staff, with the chairman, with the sporting director to do it. And, after that, if the results are not [good], if we are judged just for the results, we will be sacked.



Yeah Mr Pep, you are right but it was indeed STUPID of you to have made this comment publicly with the “big club” phrase included. It might have been a little bit mild had you used the term “bigger club” at least you show some respect with that. Granted, Man City isn’t as huge a club side as the likes of Barca and Bayern Munich but it is not for you to go singing it at their faces. Imagine how the entire hierarchy as well as fans would be feeling about it! Perhaps, they have privately cautioned you against a repeat. In some other clubs, you would definitely be queried and might even get the sack regardless of your status, pedigree, achievements, etc. You must understand that some stuffs are better left unsaid even if they are the truth because of the implications/consequences which might be so grave!


Lemme remind you that the Man City of today has got the financial muscle to wrestle with and ground these clubs and even in terms of clout, the gap isn’t that much again. It’s not always about just historical achievements ok!


The fact that you failed to match or better the achievements of your predecessor Manuel Pellegrini should have you talk less and cover your face, out of shame!


For undermining and insulting your employers, Man City, you get a huge THUMBS DOWN !!! >:-((


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